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Client Satisfaction through Problem Solving

McHale Engineering works closely with each client to guide and advise them throughout the structural engineering process. We give a fresh look to each structure and its challenges while incorporating the unique requirements of each project. We help you understand the implications of your design choices. The result? Cost-efficient custom structural design that brings:

  • Value to the Owner
  • Value for the Builder
  • Value for the Developer

Client referrals: The foundation of our success

McHale Engineering receives nearly all our business through referrals from our clients. Here are just a few of the professionals we have been honored to collaborate with for many successful projects.

Why do architects, builders, and contractors refer McHale Engineering to their clients?

Trusted team members

They know that McHale Engineering will collaborate with the design and build team and use design methods that are in alignment with the way the contractor prefers to build. We recognize that there are many ways to build and we know that when the builder’s preferences are incorporated, it can result in cost savings for the project.

Satisfied clients

We chose to use Joe McHale and McHale Engineering because of his professionalism. The documents are more complete when submitted for municipal review thus speeding up the permit process. Many of the engineers at the County and municipal level review McHale’s plans in a fraction of the time because they know his work and know it is thorough. Once under construction, McHale makes himself available on site in a very timely manner, usually the next morning. McHale has practical solutions to unknown conditions in the field and is able to provide answers on the spot. This is a great benefit to the general contractor. Plus McHale is a genuine good guy to work with.
Dick Humphries, RKH Constructors
We have used McHale Engineering to engineer our homes for over 15 years. His work is very professional, thorough, and completed in a timely manner. Joe is very accessible if needed on the jobsite and provides good solutions and suggestions if problems arise during construction. He is very easy to work with and makes a good member of our team.
Alan Page, Principal, Talon Design Group, Inc.
We employed McHale Engineering and Joe McHale to do the engineering on our own home in St. Helena, CA. It was done in three phases and McHale did all of them. We can attest to the fact that we are more than pleased with the result. The recent earthquake in Napa at 6.0 was a shocker even in St. Helena, 18 miles away. The house came through with flying colors and no structural damage nor a crack. That is good engineering! We could not be happier with the results. McHale’s design has been earthquake proven and it received an A+. In this Bay Area market, you should go with the best with McHale, because we will never know when the “Big One” is coming. You will be thankful you did hire McHale.
Dick and Fonia Humphries, St. Helena, CA